Team Chart

Unique Team Chart built just for you

With unlimited sections, team members and color schemes you design a team chart that suits your business.

Create unlimited positions, divisions, departments or sections

Whether your business is large or small, you can create a team chart that emulates your culture and creates efficiencies.

Unlimited Team Members

We don't charge per user so you are free to add your entire team to MetaPulse, put them on the team chart and align their functions and purposes. All so you achieve hypergrowth.

Customize colors

Each team can have it's own color that is also used to categorize Objectives and bring alignment across your entire team.

Floating team

Easily highlight the organizational structure with floating teams.

Chart levels

Easily view the organization's sections, divisions and units. View only what you need with one-click expand-and-contract feature.

Junior Organizations

Ideal for organizations with multiple locations. Create unlimited linking team charts that combine into a Senior Team Chart.

Share Functions & Purposes for each section

Every team member can easily read the company's purpose and the purpose of each organizational section. A powerful tool for alignment, coordination, motivation and results.

View Team Member Details

Easily find a team member's contact details, location and more. All viewable from the team chart.

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The day we stop using MetaPulse is the day we go out of business, and that's not going to happen because we are using MetaPulse!

Jon Nesbit
The Customer Factory

Sales increased by 40% as all sales are seen & no-one wants 2 red down lines in a row! It creates productivity demand more than any nagging will achieve! Brilliant tool for management.

Ken Warren
Australian Marketing Lists

I just can not say enough good things about the MetaPulse Team! They have saved me hours on a quarterly report I do and have been available to help me trouble shoot some issues.

Codi-Rose, Executive Director
Step and Repeat LA