True Team

Winning takes a radically focused, totally engaged never-give-up kind of team

Discover the blueprint of a True Team, and the tools you can use to build it.

Learn from Real Life Case Studies of successful businesses who have implemented these practical methods, from the small business operator to a multi-billion unicorn.

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The word team can be loosely defined as a group of two or more people working together. But winning takes much more than that.

Winning takes a radically focused, totally engaged, never-give-up, kind of team. But how do you build such a team? How do you go from a one person start-up to a multi-million or multi-billion enterprise, or simply to a business that provides the lifestyle you desire? How do you find the real players? How do you keep them radically focused and totally committed?

When building anything, having a blueprint saves a lot of time and energy, because then you know what you are building.

This book explains the blueprint of a True Team, and it describes the tools you can use to build such a Team.

You will also learn about the Growth League – the playground where you can test the performance of your Team in the real world and see if you’ve got what it takes to win.

Excerpts from those who have successfully implemented the Building Blocks of a TRUE TEAM.

Took me from being one guy in a basement to having 20-plus staff with hundreds of clients. We grew by 30% because we have the ability to see what makes a difference in the business.
— John Nesbit, CEO Customer Factory
The first result was that there was a lot of clarity. People know exactly what they’re doing, and they are very clear about what they need to do. The result is there’s more organization and therefore there’s growth.
— Selwyn Duijvestijn, CEO, DGB Group
There is more predictability. We are more consistent in our ability to produce quality services to our clients, and we have better processes in place to pick up when things need to be corrected.
— Manuel Suárez, Founder & CEO of Attention Grabbing Media & President of Natural Slim
It gave us stability for one. It created faster movement of things within the company and enabled us to help our customers faster and to get things done quicker. It helped facilitate hyper growth. Now we’re over 1,800 staff.
— MetaPulse User
It’s vital. Without it, we couldn’t really operate. I think we’d be kind of scrambling around in circles if we didn’t have it.
— Michael Estey, CEO Brand Network

About the Authors

Tony Melvin

Tony has spent 20 years travelling Australia and Asia teaching finance and business principles to thousands, helped build the fastest-growing accounting firm in Australia, and co-authored three best-selling finance books.

Mikel Lindsaar

A successful software developer, volunteer, business owner, and proud husband and father, Mikel has built 7 companies and successfully sold 4. Needing a way to better grow his companies he created MetaPulse as the worlds first Growth Management System (GMS), and opened it up so organizations around the world could benefit.

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Ready to grow your organization?

Available in Print, eBook and Audiobook. Buy True Team now!